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Tinyhawk & Bizzarro to release the third single from their album coming out in August

Tinyhawk & Bizzarro releases their third single from the upcoming album Nekorok. The single Uji will be released digitally for download and streaming services on Friday, May 26th. The song takes its name from the historically and culturally significant Japanese city of Uji, located in the Kyoto Valley on the island of Honshu.

Uji is a love letter to that wonderful place, coexists with the modern times residential areas with the ancient culture of heian-era backing over more than a thousand years ago while Kyoto was still the capital of Japan.

Tinyhawk & Bizzarro is a band that plays experimental instrumental rock. Jenni Kinnunen plays the guitar and composes the music. Markus Väisänen plays the second guitar, Jaakko Pöyhönen plays the drums and Teemu Aho plays the bass.

Humu Records releases the album Nekorok on vinyl and digital formats in August 2023. The album's third single hits streaming and download services on May 26.

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