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Black Peider vs. Jukka Nissinen – listen to gruesome twosome’s double-A-sided single

Black Peider, the bastard child of rock’n’ roll, and Jukka Nissinen, the hardest folking rocker in folk business, combine their forces on double-A-sided single John the Revelator / Change My Face. Humu Records, Hillotehdas and Daring Production release the songs on seven-inch vinyl and digital formats on Friday, May 21st.

The single’s A-side features Peider & Nissinen’s intense reading of American folk song John the Revelator, which was first recorded by gospel blues artist Blind Willie Johnson in 1930. Iconic delta blues man Son House recorded a couple of unaccompanied versions of the song during his second coming in the 1960’s. It was Son House’s version which enraptured Black Peider, who duly added the song to his live repertoire.

”Son House’s version intrigued me as a demonstration of the power that human voice can contain. For me, the song has become an expedition into the possibilities of my own voice”, says Petteri Tikkanen, the man behind Black Peider. ”But then again, in a sense Black Peider’s whole career has always been about studying the use of voice and power on the shrine of entertainment.”

On the second side we hear horror-themed Change My Face, a Peider & Nissinen original. Tikkanen says the song is a comment on the birth of this new duo:

”I felt for quite some time that performing solo with my guitar had run its course. It wasn’t going anywhere. The guitar was replaced by dreamy and hypnotic Fender Rhodes electric piano. In a way, the song can be seen as a transitional rite shrouded in horror.”

A cross between superhero and pro-wrestler, Black Peider is originally an alter ego for comic artist Petteri Tikkanen. Peider’s action-packed live shows are already legendary, and as of today he has starred in four comic books. Hulkish Peider’s debut album Singer-Songfighter came out in 2016. Jukka Nissinen, who is usually seen on stage singing and playing guitar, plays Rhodes on this single. Nissinen also recorded and mixed the songs, which were then mastered by Sampsa Väätäinen.

The single is unleashed on stores and streaming and download services on Friday, May 21st. Stream the songs from player bellow:

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