MAY3 2025
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HXA: Album Smoke Trails is out now!

HXA's debut album Smoke Trails is out today. The album is released on vinyl and digitally on download and streaming services via Humu Records.

HXA harmoniously combines organic and electronic sounds and production styles, truly following his intuition. At the center is melodic songwriting, supported by poetic and profound stories. In the production, traditional and modern elements meet, creating a unique and multidimensional soundscape.

Smoke Trails is organized into two journeys; on side A, the focus is on the combination of electronic production and indie rock, while side B dives more sensitively into the landscapes of indie folk, pop, country, and electronic beats.

Heikki Meriranta, behind the artist name HXA, is remembered as the songwriter, singer, and guitarist of the band Slideshaker, which toured Finland and Central Europe. In addition, he produces electronic music for international audiences together with DJ Noofi/. Before the album, HXA has released singles Evil Eyes, Casual Talking and Wild Child of Mine (radio edit).

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