Mar1 2019
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Unreleased material by 90´s Finnish garage punk legends Chop Suey

Back in the 1990´s small town/village of Varpaisjärvi (pop. 3000), Northern Savo, Finland was a cradle for some amazing rockin´ bands like The Festermen, Rama-Tuts and Cosmo Jones Beat Machine. But the very first ones, were the notorious four-piece RnR combo Chop Suey (1992-1996). Humu Records will honour Chop Suey´s legacy by releasing some raw and wild previously unreleased tracks from year 1994. “Partyhouse Tapes” cassette will be out on Fri November 29th, 2019 and it has 12 ferocious lo-fi noise garage punk blasts.

- Year 1994 was really great time for our band. We started to release our records and play gigs nationwide here in Finland. Things started to happen for us, says Mika Sollas the singer/rhythm guitar player of Chop Suey.

-All tracks on this cassette tape were recorded during that year in the basement of our rehearsal place called Juhlatalo (Partyhouse in english). Sound is noisy lo-fi so be forewarned. Awkwardly, this also happens to be Chop Suey´s first official long play recording, because back in the day we only released just couple of EP´s and few songs on different compilation albums

You can listen the song Tell Me One Thing here:

Tell Me One Thing

Partyhouse Tapes tracklist:
1. Tell Me One Thing (Chop Suey)
2. Lie Detector Machine (D. Cole)
3. Drinkin' Is My bussiness (Chop Suey)
4. It's My Intuition (Chop Suey)
5. When I Get Off (J. Conolly)
6. Justine (Harris-Terry)
1. Yum-Yum-Yamaha (Connors)
2. Skinnie Minnie (Haley-Keefer-Gabler-Cafra)
3. Here Comes the Hearse (Chop Suey)
4. 13 Women (D. Thompson)
5. Vampira I Love You (Ball-Smith)
6. Destroyer (J. Conolly)

”Hey Punk! This is no-fi. Recorded back in 1994 Juhlatalo, Varpaisjärvi, Finland. Watch you ears! Nothing wrong in your Tape”

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