Jonas and I releases a new single and a double video

Playing pop music with its heart in folk and country music, Finnish Jonas and I released their debut album These Days on May 20th 2016. The album has got praises and great reviews around the Europe.

Now they are releasing a new single titled Liz, and a double video with the song What You Do on August 24th. What makes these videos special is that the story continues. Both videos start where the other one ends, making a loop in the storyline.

"For a long time I've had a script where band drives and walks around in the country roads. We started talking about it with Roope, and how their album relates to that travel theme, I realized this is a good chance use that script. In the first meeting things got immediately out of hand. Instead of making just one video, we decited to make two.", director Lasse Hartikainen remembers.

The songs of this album were written while travelling different parts of the globe. Now the band wanted to highlight the sceneries nearby.

"As Finns we're surrounded by this unique nature. But like anywhere you live, you'll get use to that scene and easily forgot how beautiful land we live in. As a part of the story we wanted to show the landscapes nearby where we live. That countryside and those little roads in the woods.", says Roope Hakkarainen, singer of Jonas and I.

Jonas and I - Liz

Jonas and I - What You Do

Jonas and I

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